Scenes From The Barr Trail
Pikes Peak Pretty Pictures

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Colorado Springs To the left is the city in which I reside (a very small piece of it, anyway). It is called Colorado Springs. It is located in the United States, in a state called Colorado. Colorado Springs sits at the base of a bunch of mountains. The most prominent of these mountains is shown on the right. It is called Pikes Peak. There is a trail that runs from the picture on the left to the top of picture on the right. That trail is called the Barr Trail. Pikes Peak

Barr Trail, Pikes Peak, and Neat Pictures

Hi, my name is Mike. I like to hike and (when I can handle it) run up and down the Barr Trail. Sometime in the middle of 2001 I purchased a digital camera. I have been taking hundreds of pictures on the trail ever since. Presented here are some of my favorite pictures.

I have put together some answers for the most frequent questions that I receive about hiking and running up and down this mountain: My Peak FAQ
For more information on the Peak or the trail, see the links section.

Picture Galleries (Updated November, 2004!)

At long last, I have finally reorganized the Pikes Peak picture galleries. They even include pictures above timberline as well as the summit, not to mention the pictures of the various Pikes Peak races.

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Here are some other resources on the Peak and the Barr Trail: Do you want to use any of the photos on this site for any other purpose whatsoever? Really, that is fine with me. It would be nice if you write to me and let me know. No big deal. In fact, if you ask me, I will probably be willing to send you the original 1600x1200 or 2272x1704 resolution JPEGs downloaded from the camera (all of the images on this site are scaled down to a more internet-friendly 800x600 resolution).
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